The Reports interface can be accessed by selecting reports from the My List page drop-down menu. You can select to view an individual list or all dials to see the results.

How to use: By default, no lists are selected when you enter the reports page, so no results are displayed. From the box labeled “Select Dial Time and List” you need to select the dial you want reports to display. Since the same list can be reused, you would first go by date and time, then by the list name. If you want to view the results from all dials, you can select the “All Dials” entry. After you select the option, the page will automatically load the results. Depending upon the size, the load may take several minutes.

Once the page had loaded, you can use the Export and Print icons located at the top of the page accordingly.

To return to the My List page, click the Back to My List button.